wedding cakes trends 2024

The wedding cake scene for 2024 is looking exciting. We’re seeing a shift from wild new designs to returning classics. It’s a year where individuality shines, and creativity takes center stage1. Expect to see cakes that grab attention and tell a unique story1.

Do you love big cakes? You’re in luck, as the sheet cake trend is back. These cakes spread out like long centerpieces, making a bold statement. They’re joined by dome cakes which catch the eye with their intricate details1. Nature lovers will be excited to hear that flowers and fruits are big on cakes. These natural elements show up in decorations, keeping things fresh and elegant1. Besides, swirls and unique patterns are being added to cakes. They bring in texture and make every slice a piece of art1.

Key Takeaways

  • Experimental designs and sculptural cakes are pushing the boundaries of traditional wedding cakes.
  • Organic and rustic elements, such as naked cakes with floral accents, are gaining traction.
  • Elongated cakes and sheet cake designs are making a comeback, offering a unique presentation.
  • Floral and fruit-inspired cakes are showcasing natural beauty and symbolism.
  • Adventurous flavor combinations, beyond the classic vanilla, are emerging as a trend.

wedding cakes trends 2024

In 2024, the wedding cake scene is changing. Instead of perfect cakes, we see unique and messy designs. Bakers now use a more natural and sculptural style for their cakes. This move away from traditional looks is making the industry exciting2.

Experimental Designs

New wedding cakes are experiments in creativity. They’re not the usual tiered cakes. These cakes mix fluffy buttercream, wildflowers, and a fun, free look. Such styles are really catching the eye of soon-to-be-weds and their guests3.

Messy and Imperfect Aesthetic

Smooth, flawless cakes are a thing of the past. Today, messy cakes are the trend. Bakers like @by.gigi and @yip.studio_ are at the forefront. They make cakes that look handmade, showing off the beauty of pure, simple ingredients2.

These cakes’ imperfections are their beauty. They celebrate being real and unexpected. This trend is all about being down-to-earth and personal, offering a unique experience for each couple3.

“The beauty of these cakes lies in their imperfections. They’re a celebration of the organic, the authentic, and the unexpected.”

– Gigi Bakery, renowned for its unconventional wedding cake designs2

Sculptural Cakes

The wedding scene is changing, with more couples wanting cakes that are both beautiful and unique. This year, cakes aren’t just smooth and white anymore. People are choosing cakes with interesting textures and finishes. Brides and grooms love cakes that look like art pieces, using techniques like brushing and applying textures by hand to get a special look4.

Buttercream Artistry

Buttercream cakes are getting a major upgrade, turning into stunning works of art. Designers are adding ruffles, bold patterns, and delicate details with buttercream. These cakes, inspired by high-end fashion, are full of life with ribbons and bows. They make a big impact and are hard to forget4.

Carved Dome Cakes

Another cake trend is domes that look like natural rock. Talented designers, like @maria___amaria and @deaux_baker, are at the forefront. Their cakes feel like real organic structures, making a unique choice for weddings. These intricate, lifelike dome cakes are becoming the talk of the town for those who desire a standout piece for their big day4.

“In 2024, we’re seeing a shift towards cakes that are true works of art, with intricate textures and sculptural elements that push the boundaries of traditional cake design. Couples are embracing the opportunity to make their wedding cake a true showstopper.”


Organic and Rustic

People love the trend of organic and imperfect cakes more and more3. Naked cakes are a big part of this trend. They show off an earthy and untouched look. Many couples are choosing these over classic cake designs. They bring in new styles, colors, and tastes3. The simple yet elegant naked cake style fits well in this.

Naked Cakes with Floral Accents

The use of flowers and leaves on naked cakes is getting more creative3. Now, they’re not just for added beauty. They become part of the cake itself, like a piece of art. In 2024, wedding cakes are looking more like beautiful gardens. Bakers, such as @fromlucienyc, are making cakes that look like they’re alive with flowers and leaves3.

In 2024, the trend for organic cakes and rustic cakes is booming5. For rustic weddings, these cakes are the top choice. They have a simple, yet detailed, look. The style combines nature and art in a perfect way. The result is a cake that’s both fancy and fun365.

Long and Elongated Cakes

Many couples are now choosing long, elongated cakes for their weddings. These cakes stretch across tables and make a big impression on guests7. Oval-shaped cakes are a top pick because they look elegant and are different from the usual round ones7. Talented bakers like @roxannerosteelbaked and @picnicbakedgoods are making these unique cakes with special flavors and designs.

These stunning, long cakes change the feel of wedding spaces, adding grandeur and drama. With their length, they draw people’s attention and become a main focus of the event8. This trend is growing because couples want their weddings to be unique and personal. This style of cake allows them to show off their individuality in a memorable way8.

Long cakes are not just for looks but also to bring people together. Everyone can enjoy the cake around a single table, promoting sharing and conversation. There are endless ways to decorate these cakes, from detailed designs to bold colors, making each one special to the couple7.

These days, weddings are becoming more about making a lasting impression on the guests. Big, eye-catching cakes symbolize the couple’s commitment to a memorable celebration for everyone8. More and more, couples are aiming for grand weddings, with extravagant elements in every aspect, highlighting the cakes’ appeal even more897.

Floral and Fruit Extravaganza

In 2024, wedding cakes are all about flowers and fruits. Bakers like and @tongtongcake are making stunning creations10. They use fresh figs, berries, dried citrus, and lots of blooms. These cakes are bold and vibrant, just what every couple wants for a memorable wedding10.

Cascading Blooms and Fresh Fruit

The Bold Botanicals trend is huge in 2024. Imagine big, beautiful flowers and greenery flowing down cake tiers11. It looks breathtaking and makes the cake a centerpiece. Adding fruits like figs and berries makes the cakes even more special11.

“The floral and fruit elements on these cakes create a sense of abundance and joy, perfectly capturing the essence of a modern wedding celebration.”

In 2024, floral art is big for weddings. It shows couples want guests to enjoy a full experience10. These lovely cakes please both the eyes and the taste. They leave a strong memory for everyone101211.

Sheet and Slab Cakes Revival

There’s a big change in the world of wedding cakes. Now, sheet cakes and slab cakes are making a huge comeback13. They’re not just big and simple anymore. Creative folks like @joelle_eats_cake and @sashimi1 are showing how elegant and varied they can be.

Vintage-Inspired Piping

These cakes stand out thanks to their detailed piping. Designers are looking back for ideas. They’re adding beautiful, vintage touches like flowers and geometric shapes14. This makes each cake a piece of art.

Fruit and flowers help bring these cakes to life13. They’re not just for looks. The bright colors and natural shapes make the cakes more interesting.

Cake artists today are really creative14. They mix old-school looks with new ideas. This brings old-fashioned cakes into the spotlight, especially for weddings that want something special.

Sheet and Slab CakesLarger-format cakes with vintage-inspired piping, floral, and fruit accentsBrings a sense of nostalgia and sophistication to wedding cakes, offering a unique alternative to traditional tiered cakes
Vintage-Inspired PipingDelicate floral motifs and playful geometric patterns in the piping workElevates the humble sheet and slab cakes into true works of art, adding a touch of elegance and personalization
Floral and Fruit AccentsVibrant, fresh fruit and cascading floral arrangements adorn the cakesProvides an organic and visually appealing contrast to the vintage-inspired piping, creating a well-balanced and visually stunning cake

“The revival of sheet cakes and slab cakes is a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of today’s cake artists. By blending vintage-inspired techniques with modern sensibilities, they are breathing new life into these once-overlooked cake styles, making them a must-have for discerning couples seeking a unique and unforgettable wedding experience.”


Swirls and Waves

Wedding cakes today are not just desserts. They are works of art. Textured buttercream frosting with swirls and waves is very popular. It adds depth and makes the cakes more interesting and beautiful16. Cake designers like @sunday.flourshop and @thecakeupartist use this style well. They mix it with lots of flowers and fruit on their cakes.

Textured buttercream cakes catch the eye and can be felt. The swirls and waves are different from the usual smooth cakes. They show more creativity and are a delight for the senses17. This style makes the cakes look handcrafted. It speaks to couples who want their cake to be special and personal.

Textured Buttercream Frosting

Textured buttercream frosting is like a blank canvas. It can be turned into many looks. From big swirls to gentle waves, there are so many choices16. Designers use this to match any wedding theme, whether it’s soft and romantic or bold and modern.

These cakes can have fresh flowers or greenery on them. The soft frosting and delicate decorations work so well together. They are not just beautiful but also touch the heart and eyes of everyone16.

Wedding cakes keep getting more creative. Textured buttercream is a trend that won’t fade17. It lets couples show their style on their big day. Whether they choose swirls or waves, these cakes are sure to be loved in 2024 and for years to come161718.

Pearl Encrusted Elegance

Pearls are back in style for wedding cakes, adding a touch of luxury19. Bakers carefully place edible pearls to make cakes fancy and elegant. This detail connects the cake design with the wedding’s theme, creating a beautiful look.

The use of pearls in wedding cakes is becoming very popular20. We see more weddings featuring pearls in 2024. Bakers use pearls of different colors, like white, pink, gray, and green, to make each cake unique20.

There’s no limit to what pearl cakes can look like21. Bakers mix pearls with flowers, metallic details, and interesting frosting. This makes stunning and sophisticated cakes.

Pearls go beyond the cake itself in weddings20. They’re also in the bride’s dress, jewelry, flowers, and invitations. This makes the whole wedding theme consistent and beautiful, showing the couple’s elegant style.

For many couples, having a pearl-styled cake means timeless beauty on their big day19. This trend is strong in 2024 and is likely to continue. Pearl cakes captivate with their beauty, making them a top choice for weddings192120.

Metallic Glam

Metallic details are becoming big in the wedding world for 2024. Especially, silver is being used a lot. It brings in glamour and elegance to cakes2223.

Silver Leaf and Edible Glitter

Silver leaf, sprinkles that shimmer, and edible glitter improve the look of wedding cakes a lot. These shiny decorations make the cakes look elegant and rich2223.

For a luxurious wedding, many couples choose metallic cakes. They love how the shiny metals mix with soft textures. Adding flowers makes these cakes even more beautiful23.

Metallic cakes can be big and tall or small and simple. They give weddings a luxurious touch. No matter how they’re designed, they catch the eye23.

Metallic themes in weddings are also popular for their sophisticated look. They’re part of making the day special. Metallic details on the cake really stand out and help create lasting memories222324.

Metallic Cake TrendKey Characteristics
Silver LeafElegant and sophisticated, adds a touch of luxury
Edible GlitterShimmering and eye-catching, creates a glamorous look
Metallic AccentsCan be incorporated into various cake designs, from multi-tiered to single-tier
Combination with FloralsBlends the elegance of metallic with the natural beauty of flowers

The trend of metallic wedding cakes is really catching on. It’s for couples who want their wedding to look rich and elegant222324.

“Silver accents are essential for couples who want their cakes to sparkle. The mix of shiny metals and soft flowers creates an incredibly beautiful look.” – Cake Designer, Sweet Treats Bakery

Retro Vibes

Couples today are bringing back the old with retro cakes in their weddings25. They love designs that have classic elements like lace and bows26. These designs mix the charm of the past with a modern flair. Retro-themed wedding cakes are more in demand, especially those that echo the styles of the 60s and 70s26.

Tiered Cakes with Pillars

The trend of tiered cakes with pillars is shining this year25. This style, with layers separated by pillars, is both classic and new. Couples pick these cakes for their timeless beauty and as a key part of their celebration25.

Heart-Shaped Designs

Heart-shaped cakes are also big this year, adding a romantic touch25. They symbolize deep love, making them a popular choice for weddings25. More and more couples opt for this design in their retro-themed events26.

Along with cakes, couples are making their celebrations uniquely retro27. They’re choosing mini wedding cakes and dessert sets to show off their style27. And adding quirky elements like disco balls and neon signs for a vintage party vibe26.

The comeback of retro cakes shows how classic design endures2526. It’s a nod to the past and a fun way to mark their big day26.

Macaron Towers

Many couples are choosing macaron towers for their weddings instead of the usual cake28. These towers stand out and offer a cool twist to the classic dessert scene29. They feature an assortment of mini delights, like cupcakes and macarons. This setup works well for both small and big weddings29.

Macaron towers let couples show off their style and taste. You can pick from a range of macaron colors and flavors. It’s a beautiful and tasty addition to any wedding party28. In 2024, fondant flowers will also make a comeback. They’ll be a hit on wedding cakes, adding a modern flair28.

These towers are not just pretty; they’re practical too. They are perfect for various dietary needs because they often include gluten-free and vegan options29. This makes them a friendly choice for many guests at the wedding29.

Whether it’s a classic look or something more unique, macaron towers impress everyone. For 2024, they are set to be a must-have at weddings28. They bring beauty and charm to the dessert table, standing out in weddings this year28.

Macaron Tower Trends20232024 (Projected)
Demand for Inclusive Ingredients25%35%
Popularity of Textured Macarons15%25%
Couples Opting for Macaron Towers12%20%
Macaron Tower Designs with Floral Accents18%28%

Macaron towers are more than a trend; they are changing the wedding dessert game. With their lively looks and flavors for everyone, these towers are winning hearts282930.


Wedding cakes in 2024 are breaking the mold. They show off a mix of daring experiments and old-school vibes. The range is wide, from funky buttercream cakes and fondant with gold leaf to classic white cakes in shape bursts31. Also, sweet pastel colors or clean, minimalist lines are in the spotlight31.

This year, ‘going green’ is a big theme. Many cakes are kind to the earth, like gluten-free and plant-based ones32. Details are key, with cake textures that resemble lace, water, or bark32. And let’s not forget the wild flavors, showing the couple’s taste for adventure33.

The 2024 cake trends are all about unique character and thoughtfulness. They reflect how couples want to stand out on their big day. In the end, they are a tribute to creativity and personal touch in a long-standing wedding ritual.


What are the latest wedding cakes trends for 2024?

The 2024 wedding cake scene is all about trying new things. You’ll see cakes that look unfinished or messy, as well as sculptural masterpieces. There are also naked cakes, which are simple and often topped with flowers. Cakes that are long and narrow are popular too. They might have lots of flowers and fruits, or you may see fancy swirls and waves of frosting.

How are experimental bakers pushing the boundaries of wedding cake design?

Some bakers are getting creative with an imperfect look. They use lots of fluffy buttercream and arrange flowers in unusual ways. Sculptural cakes are big too, showing off the baker’s art. These might have ruffled looks or unique decorations.

What is the trend for organic and rustic wedding cakes?

Rustic and organic wedding cakes are big this year, featuring the naked cake style. This style has evolved with artistic use of flowers and greenery.

How are couples embracing long and elongated wedding cakes?

Long, stretched cakes are making tables look amazing. They give guests a special experience and are full of flavor.

What floral and fruit elements are popular in wedding cake trends?

Bakers are using lots of flowers and fruits on their cakes. You’ll see cakes covered in beautiful flowers, bright berries, and figs. These cakes create a bright and joyful scene.

How are sheet cakes and slab cakes making a comeback?

Sheet cakes and slab cakes are becoming popular again. This time, they have unique piping and fun decorations.

What trends are emerging in buttercream frosting?

Piped buttercream with swirls and waves is a big trend. It makes the cake look interesting and goes well with flower and fruit decorations.

How are pearls being used in wedding cake design?

Pearls are coming back on wedding cakes. They add a touch of luxury to the design. This look ties the cake into the wedding theme.

What metallic details are becoming popular in wedding cake design?

Silver details are getting popular in cake design. Designers are using silver leaf and glitter for a glamorous effect.

How are retro-inspired wedding cakes making a comeback?

Retro wedding cakes with tiered styles are back. They may have old-fashioned decorations like lace and bells. These cakes are a mix of old and new, making them unique.

What alternative dessert displays are becoming trendy?

Some couples are choosing non-traditional desserts like macaron towers. These sweet, gluten-free towers are attractive and different from cakes. They add a novel touch to weddings.

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